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Even though the online automotive marketplace seems to be quite a new field, it is constantly experiencing substantial growth and is a multi-billion-dollar industry nowadays. There is no surprise in this as having a car isn't just a symbol of wealth, but more the necessity that helps us day by day. Thanks to the increased popularity of online shopping, vehicle buying has become even more convenient and pleasurable for modern purchasers.


Businesses that have a direct connection with the car industry have considered the convenience benefit and are now focussing on vehicle marketplace apps rather than having only a website. There isn't any marketplace app for cars that will be a perfect match. Keeping in mind that people need cars for separate reasons and occasions, different types of apps have emerged, including general car buying and selling apps, peer-to-peer car-sharing apps, luxury car marketplaces, etc.


In this blog post, we want to cover the whole idea of a vehicle marketplace app, basic modules to enhance its experience, and some useful tips on how to create a car marketplace app





What is an Online Car Marketplace?


So, let's take a closer look at the car marketplace online and its definition. We understand it as a digital platform that is used for buying and selling vehicles online. Most people stick to these online platforms not only because of quick online access but also because such marketplaces contain a wide range of vehicles and their details. You might also use their services without even noticing it. The most popular car marketplace online platforms include Auto Trader,, CarGurus, etc. The features that they contain attract customers and include the next vital points:


  • Vehicle listings;

  • Filters;

  • Chats;

  • Secure payment;

  • User ratings and reviews;

  • Customer support.


As you can see, a car marketplace online offers much more user-friendly options than traditional dealerships have. 




Why do you Need a Used Car Marketplace?


You may be wondering about the reason for having a vehicle marketplace app as there are other options for selling, some of which seem to give better results. For example, there is an idea that traditional dealerships have a better level of personal interaction as they offer face-to-face meetings with sales representatives and so-called personalized help. However, there is no car marketplace online that isn't developing. New features there arise even more often than you might think of them. So, talking about communication on online buy & sell platforms, it is mostly conducted through messaging, but can also be via phone or video call, depending on the communication type that suits you best. Additionally, modern clients may enjoy buying vehicles through such platforms because of user reviews, and ratings that usually ease the buying process, giving more trust. 


One more thing that attracts users and prompts them to keep an eye on online car marketplaces is transparent pricing. Once people decide to take the help of the online platform, they see that they can easily filter and compare prices for similar models, while traditional dealerships often have less transparent pricing, so the final cost can be influenced by various factors, which isn't beneficial for customers.


We also can't forget about additional services which traditional dealerships are often proud of. Sure, depending on customers' needs offline shops can offer such options as after-sales support or warranties that the client can get in one place. Unfortunately, not all types of car marketplaces online can supply people with additional services as their main focus is to connect buyers and sellers. Still, however, some apps are now on the verge of implementing this idea.


Considering that all, online buy & sell platforms can be a great thing for those purchasers that want to have a broader choice alongside transparent pricing. But if you are seeking some kind of additional offers gathered in one place, it's better to stick to traditional dealerships.




Why Create a Used Car Marketplace?


As you already know some vital points of the car marketplace online, let's see all the benefits that it gives to you in one list. 



There is no need to deny the fact that buying online seems to be more convenient than meeting with someone for purchasing face-to-face. We can say that this is a win-win option as sellers and buyers both get their benefits. Buyers can search for cars, comparing different options while sellers in their turn can also monitor customers and prices choosing the best option for them. 


Wider reach

It's great when you live in a city and can buy or sell cars to quite a lot of people. But what if you live in a town? Selling or buying the needed thing gets much more difficult in this case. The platforms that operate online can be handy in this situation as sellers can get a wider market reach while buyers will access a more extensive vehicle selection. 



Best car marketplace platforms worry a lot about their reputation which directly depends on sellers. That's why they are constantly working on different verification methods so that they can confirm seller information to ensure that the deal will be fast and secure.



Those car marketplace online platforms that keep up with the time, understand the need for constant personalization, that's why new personalization features are constantly incorporated. Location-based search, saved searches, user preferences, personalized vehicle recommendations – several new tools are already available on the best car marketplace platforms. 


So, car marketplace online platforms serve sellers and buyers both, providing great benefits that guarantee both safe and convenient deals.




Basic Modules to Enhance Marketplace Experience


We've mentioned the fact that entrepreneurs are actively working on different modules to enhance the marketplace experience. That's why they are continuously working on such modules as catalog, PIM, personalized promotion, SEO tools, cart, and checkout. 

We in turn want to focus on them, so that you could also consider these modules if you have the idea of developing the best marketplace for used cars



The first module that we want to notify you about is a user-friendly catalog. Thanks to it your app or website will serve as a helper rather than as a clutter gathering. Because of the fast-flowing world, we're living in, people value those online shops that care about their time and allow them to browse the needed product easily. So, when you develop a car marketplace app and work on a catalog, don't forget to include such key elements as search filters, high-quality product images, product availability, ratings, and wishlists.




Product information management

Some years ago a Product information management or PIM module was one of the most underestimated. There were situations when sellers simply put a few words about the vehicle, without providing deep knowledge. However, nowadays the PIM module should contain the following things: a short title, a description, the main attributes, technical specifications, and an image. Going further and delving deeper into personalization, it's also advisable to put the information using keywords and add some specific information according to the vehicle use situations. If you want to develop a car marketplace app, it's a great idea to have the same rules for all sellers on how to add information according to their vehicle, so that they could add all the things mentioned above.




Personalized promotion 

Talking about personalization, it has a direct influence on a promotion module. The thing is, even if you have the most well-written and designed promotion, a potential customer won't pay attention to it as he or she is interested in buying another vehicle type and details. Here a personalized promotion module comes on stage. Taking into account any popular vehicle marketplace app, you will notice such things as customer segmentation that bases on demographics, purchase history, general behavior, etc. Knowing these details allows us to target the needed segment and send promotion offers only to those, who are most likely interested.




SEO tools


One more essential module that can help if you build a car marketplace app is search engine optimization. We have already talked about the importance of keywords as they can simultaneously increase organic traffic and grow the level of user satisfaction due to easy access. However, in the SEO module, we should include not only keywords, as a convenient vehicle marketplace app should also have a user-friendly site structure and navigation, page speed optimization, mobile-friendly design, etc.





Cart and checkout 

For sure, we can't mention all online shops here, however, statistically speaking, most customers go through all shopping stages and just leave when it comes to checkout. That's because of the poor-made cart and checkout module, to which we need to dedicate our precise attention. The option that is widely used is a guest checkout. It means that if you create a car marketplace app, it is better to have the option of paying without filling in your personal information for account creation. Additionally, please remember to keep the checkout form as short and easy as it is possible.




Useful Tips to Sell Used Cars Online


So, do you want to build a car marketplace app? We support you on your journey! That's why considering all the information above, we want to sum up and give you 10 useful tips to have a modern marketplace app for cars. Be sure to check them! 


1. Have clear navigation and categories without any kind of clatter.

2. Provide a user-friendly search bar that will ease the customer journey.

3. Enable customers to use different filters during the search. They may include price range, color, size, brand, etc.

4. Ensure that your catalog is optimized for mobile devices.

5. Post high-quality images of the vehicles you sell, and if it is possible to have videos, put your attention to making them.

6. Write clear titles and descriptions. The best option is when any person can understand everything after a glance.

7. Include information according to the stock.

8. Have a support live chat, so that people could stick to it in case of any questions.

9. Try personalization options. Start by dividing the customers you have and then keep an eye on their choices, analyzing them, and giving personalized offers.

10. Take advantage of the guest checkout option when people don't have to register.




These were 10 tips that will be beneficial to consider when you want to create a car marketplace app. We wish you luck on your journey and hope to see your marketplace app for cars on  a top-rated list.


Once you've decided to develop a car marketplace app, it's better to get a professional consultation because as we have mentioned there are quite a lot of different types of car marketplaces that provide different services. After a profound consultation, you may have a better understanding of your field. 


Overall, it's quite a complex process that requires much effort and research. Therefore, even if you have some experience, it's still better to start by sharing your ideas with a specialist. This person will provide you with some knowledge and you will have a deeper understanding of how to sell new cars and old ones. 

The website's popularity often depends on your location, so it's difficult to tell you the answer. However, speaking of those that are well-known everywhere, we can include Auto Trader,, and CarGurus. You may also visit their websites, and analyze some features.

Considering last year, the online car industry reached US$ 294.2 billion. This year the number doesn’t seem to be lower.

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