COVID-19 UPDATE: At this time of uncertainty, we should act decisively. Preserving the continuity of our business while ensuring safety of our employees and helping our country to withstand the challenges of the pandemic is our top priority. Therefore, we will be working remotely until the situation is stabilized. All our business processes and workflows are prepared for remote work. Our employees are well equipped with the best practices and tools that help to remain productive and healthy during the period of isolation. With a diverse portfolio and sufficient emergency funds, SolidBrain is built on the principles of antifragility and stability. We will be a reliable support for our customers, partners, and employees through thick and thin.

Improve your web development capabilities and soar to new heights with our professional, reliable, and experienced dedicated software development team. Thanks to the years of experience and top-notch tools, we are ready to deal with any online project.

Are you looking for a skillful outsource dedicated development team? Save your time and opt for SolidBrain! Get in touch with our customer service to discuss the details of the partnership.


Our Professionals Will Boost Your Business 


A dedicated software development team model offers a great chance to hire professionals that will take care of your business and ensure the achievements of financial goals. They will provide top-quality services and deliver each project milestone on time. If you decide to partner with the SolidBrain team, you will get the following advantages:


Ideal Creativity and IT Mix


Some people believe that it’s impossible to combine a creative approach and IT. Nevertheless, the SolidBrain team proves that this is far from the truth. Our experts aren’t just usual IT specialists – they are creators, who try to please their clients with real masterpieces. 



Fair Prices and High Quality


A trustworthy dedicated software development team always takes responsibility for the successful delivery of any project. Thus, SolidBrain experts will focus on your specific needs and desires to provide you only with necessary and cost-effective services. If you work with our company, you can be sure that you will get the best IT solutions only at reasonable and fair prices.



Total Satisfaction Guarantee


Get in touch with our experts to provide them with your ideas and project details. We will analyze your desires and offer you the best development services. Plus, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Hire a dedicated development team to test your website or app before the release and make sure it offers smooth and bug-free performance. SolidBrain specialists always check everything twice to make sure our clients will be pleased with the received results.



Reasons to Hire Dedicated Developers


It’s impossible to run a successful business without the support provided by true experts. Hire dedicated developers to boost your efficiency while saving your time and money.



Get Professional Assistance


Our company will provide you with access to a variety of skilled IT specialists. Each of them has years of hands-on experience and an impressive portfolio. We will select the professionals that will certainly deal with your tasks and problems. There are no reasons to wait or spend months training new employees. Get in touch with our  company to set up a dedicated software development team and start the work on your online project as soon as possible.



Flawless Management


You will be able to control and manage your dedicated development team without any difficulties. It doesn’t matter whether your company is located in Europe or the USA, because you will get the possibility to control the project’s delivery with the help of 24/7 available customer support. Thus, you can always check out the workflow and make necessary changes whenever you want. 



On-time Delivery


A reliable and professional dedicated software development team always deals with your tasks on time. Further, in case your offshore experts will need more time to deliver the project, they will inform you about it and incorporate the additional resources to finish the work faster.



Efficient IT Consultation


If you want to launch a successful online project but don’t know where to start, our company can help you find the answer. We are ready to provide you with a free consultation, estimate your project’s cost and come up with realistic milestones. Each stage will be analyzed by specialists, who can deal with the necessary tasks and provide you with the desired results.



Get Rid of Administrative Headache


Thanks to SolidBrain, there are no reasons to spend hours dealing with recruiting tasks and training your new employees. You don’t need to worry about accounting, payroll, and local management – we will take care of your administrative headache. Just start a partnership with our company and our professional IT experts will start working on your project.



Focus on the Most Important Tasks


In case you don’t need to launch a new project but just to support your website or software, it will be a good idea to opt for a dedicated development team, too. Our professionals will focus on the tasks related to your project’s maintenance such as bug fixing or QA assurance. Thus, your own team will be able to work on the most important goals without the necessity to worry about other runtime processes.



Our Dedicated Development Team Services


The SolidBrain team offers a wide range of services, which will improve your online business and increase your income. In case you are not sure which type of development services your company needs, you are welcome to get in touch with our support team for free.



1. Software Development


Our experts will help you to develop an attractive mobile or browser application. Due to the deep knowledge of JavaScript, PHP, Angular JS, Laravel, Magento2, JS, React, Bootstrap, Vue.js the SolidBrain team will provide you with the desired results.

We can develop apps optimized for both iOS and Android users. Moreover, our specialists have hands-on experience in the creation of top-notch CRM, logistic, and management systems. Do you want us to deliver a unique project? Please, share its details with our team and we will start the work!



2. Web Development


SolidBrain specializes in the development of attractive eCommerce stores, corporate websites, and landing pages. We use HTML5, Laravel, Yii 2, Magento 2, OpenCart, and WordPress to help our partners reach their business goals. Our team always pays attention to the development of every website and tries to design it with unique features and advanced functionality. The websites developed by SolidBrain can boast impressive performance and powerful software. After the free consultation, we will choose the best platform for your online project and start the work on it immediately.



3. UI/UX Design


We can create a website design, logo, or corporate style for you. Our web designers always follow the latest trends during the development and creation of the designs for our partners. SolidBrain keeps an eye on the newest web design tools to deliver only the best result. Each of our experts is skilled in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Axure RP.

The SolidBrain team will conduct special business research to find out the preferences of your target audience. We will analyze your competitors and come up with the best ideas for the adaptive design of your website.



4. QA Testing


Our company offers the best Quality Assurance engineers. They will check out the developed website or application to discover any bugs or errors. After our QA testing, your digital product will be 100% safe and ready to enter the market.



5. Website Administration


SolidBrain is ready to take care of your website and ensure its smooth and trouble-free operation. We will help you upgrade your online projects, keep them up to date and provide you with the newest content. Hire our experts right now and boost your website with our 24/7 support.



Let’s Discuss Your Project

Are you looking forward to the successful delivery of your project? Do you want to simplify the maintenance of your website? The SolidBrain team is here to help you! Please, get in touch with us and we will answer all your questions and estimate the project.

What we offer?

  • Experienced software engineers, QA professionals, PMs, and DevOps engineers to create and support your product
  • Fixed monthly budget.
  • Participation in team members selection.
  • Convenient and continuous communication with the team.
  • Full control over team management.

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