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ExAuto has been supplying customers with quality original automotive oils, technical fluids, and spare parts for more than 10 years. Today it is one of the fastest-growing companies in its area of distribution. ExAuto needed a user-friendly website that would gather its products and enable clients to find the needed spare parts or technical fluids in just a few clicks.

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“I'm thrilled with SolidBrain's website for my online auto parts business. Their technical expertise is evident in the user-friendly interface, fast loading, and secure transactions. The design captures our brand perfectly and works seamlessly on all devices. Working with SolidBrain has been a pleasure; their professionalism and proactive approach are commendable. Highly recommend for top-tier web development.”

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About project

Platform Web
Country Europe
Industry eCommerce
Project duration 14 months
Team size 11 members
Completed 2023

Challenges and Objectives

One of the core values of ExAuto is respect for every client. People who work there want to transfer it from every point of cooperation with customers. The company realizes that it can take care of its buyers not only by giving excellent service but also by supplying them with the ability to cut the search time. That's why ExAuto decided to use SolidBrain services for developing a website. 


As soon as we discussed the main requirements we started our work during which we focussed on the next points:


  • Making intuitive navigation, so that potential clients could easily orient themselves once they visit the website.

  • Improving product pages by supplying them with quality photos and product descriptions. 

  • Ensuring superior code quality thanks to CI/CD adaptation. 

  • Speeding up the website loading time and approaching the mark of 1 seconds.

  • Setting up the database so that it could include 1million+ goods.

Challenges and Objectives | SolidBrain


During our consultation, ExAuto has mentioned that the company strives to keep its high position in the area of distribution and internet sales. Keeping in mind that one of the most vital things for modern customers is navigation convenience, we've focused on creating an appropriate B2B ordering platform. 


To simplify the navigation, we have used TecDoc services which is considered to be one of the world's leading global vehicle and spare parts catalogs for the automotive aftermarket. We’ve decided to integrate TecDoc as it allows real-time database access and renews according to the changes. 

During code development, we’ve taken advantage of CI/CD which has helped us streamline the website creation process and automate software testing. Thanks to constant examination, we were aware of code problems and could fix everything right away.


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Business outcome

Providing results that match the needs of our clients is vital for us. That's why cooperating with ExAuto we were in touch during all project points and discussed all the changes. As a result of such profound work, we managed to create a user-friendly platform with a strong database and handy navigation. So, as for now, ExAuto can continue transferring a respectful attitude toward its clients by supplying them with quality goods and the ability to make fast and easy orders.


Results | SolidBrain

The value we delivered for ExAuto:

  • Customers can find the needed technical fluid or spare parts in just a few clicks.

  • Analytics that work at ExAuto now analyze the goods that people buy most often and can make business decisions based on this information.

  • The website is ready to accommodate more visitors delivering a fast buying experience with no slowdowns or crashes.

  • Bigger database capacity that enables ExAuto to have a larger product inventory.

Technology used

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