Automotive Inventory Management Software

Just like any industry, the automotive faces many challenges. Accurately managing the products’ quantity and sales data are just a few of them. If not appropriately addressed, uncertainty in data can cause over- and understocking, which, in turn, leads to customer dissatisfaction and lost sales. No auto parts business owners would like to deal with such an issue. Thus, they are turning to auto parts inventory management software to keep everything in order.
With the advancement of technology, the traditional way of managing inventory for automotive parts has already sunk into oblivion. Now, distributors have a clear vision of the demand for their products which allows them to provide better services to their customers.
This article outlines how the inventory software for auto parts originated, its benefits, core features, and how it helps auto parts distributors streamline their businesses.

Automotive Inventory Management Software

The auto parts inventory management software originated along with the emergence of the computer industry in the 20th century. Various businesses began to adopt digital technologies for managing their systems, and the automotive retail industry was no exception. Software developers recognized the need to create automotive parts software to help retail managers streamline sales processes.

The early inventory management software solutions were basic spreadsheets containing only product price and quantity information. With time, these systems evolved and allowed to incorporate more sophisticated features, such as:

Automated Reordering - SolidBrain Automated Reordering
Real-time Inventory Tracking - SolidBrain Real-time Inventory Tracking
Automated Report Generating - SolidBrain Automated Report Generating
Integration with Other Systems - SolidBrain Integration with Other Systems

Now, software for auto parts is an integral part of the automotive retail businesses of all sizes. With features such as demand planning, automatic reordering, and real-time inventory tracking, inventory management solutions allow retailers to maintain complete control over products and offer impeccable services to customers. Overall, investing in a car parts management system is a smart solution for any retail business looking to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced environment. Adopting the software for auto parts can bring your business to the next level. Improving the inventory management processes, you can provide better customer service, thus, increasing earnings.

Benefits of Inventory Software for Automotive Parts

Automotive parts inventory software helps retailers streamline sales processes. It helps to better manage the resources, and improve customer experience. However, how exactly can such software benefit the car parts retail business? The answers are the following.

Getting an unbiased overview of all processes - SolidBrain Increased Accuracy

Unfortunately, manually managing the inventory is not mistake-proof. Human factor can result in under- and overstocking and inaccurate reports, leading to losses in sales. All this can be omitted with the help of an accurate inventory management system that will keep track of all the data. This helps to have the processes organized, thus, making better business decisions.

Having a higher income - SolidBrain Improved Efficiency

Increased accuracy results in increased efficiency. With software for auto parts store can improve performance by simply automating mundane tasks. As hardly anyone enjoys monotonous work, leaving manual report generating to the system, would allow the employees to concentrate on more sophisticated activities, thus, improving efficiency.

Reaching new customers - SolidBrain Reduced Costs

When it comes to the management of large inventory quantities, doing it manually is time-consuming and error-prone. Here automotive inventory management solutions come in handy for cost reduction associated with overstocking and understocking. The first results in increased storage costs, and the second causes lost sales and customer leaks. By using parts database software, retailers can ensure they have the right number of products on hand, reducing such expenses.

Reaching new customers - SolidBrain Improved Customer Service

With proper automotive part software, retailers can provide better and faster services to their customers. Features like automotive reordering and real-time product tracking allow to ensure that popular products are always in stock.

Automotive Inventory Management Software Features

Automotive parts inventory management systems were designed to help automotive businesses manage their inventories. They help to:

Improve efficiency by automating mundane tasks

Reduce costs associated with overstocking and understocking

Improve general customer service

However, what are the features that allow boosting automotive retailer businesses? Let’s delve deeper into them.


Forecasting and Demand Planning

Automotive parts inventory management systems help auto parts inventory managers better manage the business side of things. By filling the sales data into the system, you will be able to track the trends and predict the product demand to ensure that the most popular positions are in stock.


Reporting and Alerts

One of the most popular features of inventory software for auto parts is automated alerts. It allows to notify the auto parts operations managers when the inventory level is low which helps to prevent understocking. Such software also allows sales data tracking, which helps to make better business decisions.


Automatic Reordering

Some auto parts software inventory solutions can automatically reorder specific components when their level reaches a certain point. This helps to save your employees’ time on manual reordering and use their potential for more creative tasks.


Accounting Software Integration

Good news is that the inventory software for automotive parts can be integrated with accounting software. This allows automotive retail businesses to keep papers in order, which, in turn, ensures that sales data and inventory levels are accurately reflected in the financials.


Real-Time Inventory Tracking

Apart from data management services, auto part inventory software offers real-time inventory tracking. This allows auto parts retailers to monitor product quantities anytime. As a result, they are aware of selling trends, know how many items are in stock, and can predict understocking.


Barcode Scanning

The technology that makes the feature listed above possible is barcode scanning. It involves a scanner with a barcode label attached to each product, which sends the information to the system. Such feature allows the auto parts service stores to quickly identify products and track their quantity in the store.


Mobile Compatibility

The sales team would be extremely happy to learn that car parts inventory software can be accessed on mobile devices. It allows them to monitor sales data and inventory levels on-the-go saving time for more complex tasks.


This is a type of software that allows auto parts retailers to manage and track the inventory. Usually, the system includes a database of all the products sold by the retailer including product data such as prices, descriptions, quantity, and part numbers. With the help of such software, a vendor can automate management processes such as:

  • tracking inventory levels;
  • generating reports;
  • automated product reordering.

As a custom automotive software development company, we recommend to follow the next steps to set up an inventory software for auto parts.

  1. Consider your inventory needs. Determine which types of inventory you would like to sell and how many items should be in stock. You can analyze the market data to learn which products are the most popular, and plan your sales accordingly.
  2. Choose a parts database software. There are many inventory management solutions available on the market. Depending on your needs, you can choose either a basic or more sophisticated solution with automation and reporting features. In case there are no perfect solutions to meet your demands on the market, we offer custom automotive inventory management solution development services, where you would be able to implement any feature.
  3. Set up the database with the inventory. Create a database of all types of inventory available in your stock. The data you should add is:
    • price
    • track numbers
    • descriptions
    • quantities
  4. You can also include info on manufacturer, categorize parts by type, or add other attributes to make products easier to find.
  5. Arrange the tracking process. It's easy to manage small numbers of products, but when it’s time to scale, optimization is the thing that will help you streamline the tracking process. A good option is to use barcode scanning or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags to make tracking efficient.
  6. Set up alerts and notifications. Make sure your system is customized to notify when the order is received, when the car parts are in transit, or when the inventory level falls below a certain level.
  7. Adjust the system. As your needs may vary, you can adjust the system to help you manage the business processes.

Choosing the inventory management software, consider the factors like the size of your business, the types of inventory you would like to deal with, and your budget. Some of the most popular examples are:

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