COVID-19 UPDATE: At this time of uncertainty, we should act decisively. Preserving the continuity of our business while ensuring safety of our employees and helping our country to withstand the challenges of the pandemic is our top priority. Therefore, we will be working remotely until the situation is stabilized. All our business processes and workflows are prepared for remote work. Our employees are well equipped with the best practices and tools that help to remain productive and healthy during the period of isolation. With a diverse portfolio and sufficient emergency funds, SolidBrain is built on the principles of antifragility and stability. We will be a reliable support for our customers, partners, and employees through thick and thin.

SolidBrain offers the best B2B eCommerce solutions for any type of business. We deliver top-quality services to ensure the fast and flawless launch of your online store. Due to custom features developed by our company, your customers will get perfect experience and total satisfaction.



Our B2B eCommerce Software Solutions for Your Business


SolidBrain can provide you with a B2B eCommerce platform developed to meet your specific requirements. We will consider the unique features of your industry and target audience to reach the best results and boost your online business. In case you are looking for a reliable and professional B2B eCommerce solution provider, SolidBrain may become your ideal option.



Third-Party Integrations


Our team can connect an online store to any technology necessary for the improvement of your business. For example, we can design your eCommerce site with an ERP or POS system to ensure customer-specific pricing and real-time monitoring of your products.



Product Information Management


We will provide you with one system necessary to manage the entire base of product information. In addition, we can design it with data quality checks, the possibility to publish updates on different platforms simultaneously, and digital asset management.



Content Management System 


In case you want to manage your eCommerce site without any troubles, you need a clear and powerful CMS. Our B2B eCommerce software solutions offer you the tools you can use to create, organize, and publish different types of content without the necessity to develop your own coding skills.



Analytics System


If you want to improve your online business, you need to track and analyse your customer behaviour. SolidBrain will provide your website with an innovative analytics system. Use this powerful tool to measure the success of your eCommerce site and reach better conversion rates.



Site Search System


A simple and quick search system is an integral part of your customer’s satisfaction. It significantly increases the chance that your clients will find the desired item and buy it. Our experts will provide your B2B platform with powerful, configurable, and intelligent site search capability to help your online store attract new customers and please loyal ones.



eCommerce Hosting


Your online store should be available 24/7 in case you don’t want to lose prospective clients. We will ensure the total reliability, fast performance, and secure connection of your eCommerce site by providing it with the best hosting.



Commerce Solutions


The simplification of the shopping process is the best way to reach higher conversion rates. We will help you to make it as simple as ABS using the latest technologies and methods. Our professionals can provide your customers with saved shopping carts, different payment options, possibilities to make quick orders, etc.



Events Management System


You have to offer your clients not only top-quality products and services but also different promotions and goodies to stand out from the crowd. It’ll be a good idea to offer them access to presentations of new products, useful articles, training classes, etc. And we are ready to help you implement the system necessary for the organization of these events.



How We Develop Solutions for Your eCommerce Platform


We always do our best to make sure our clients will be pleased with the received results. We offer you to take several simple steps between you and your successful online business.


  • Get in touch with our customer support for a free consultation
  • Discuss your project details and milestones
  • Confirm our offer and manage the work on your project
  • Check out the delivered work
  • Hire our experts for the maintenance of your eCommerce site

What we offer?

  • Retail Web Development Services and Design
  • Online Store Maintenance and Support
  • Payment and Delivery System Integration
  • Online Store Migration
  • Online Shopping Cart Development

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