COVID-19 UPDATE: At this time of uncertainty, we should act decisively. Preserving the continuity of our business while ensuring safety of our employees and helping our country to withstand the challenges of the pandemic is our top priority. Therefore, we will be working remotely until the situation is stabilized. All our business processes and workflows are prepared for remote work. Our employees are well equipped with the best practices and tools that help to remain productive and healthy during the period of isolation. With a diverse portfolio and sufficient emergency funds, SolidBrain is built on the principles of antifragility and stability. We will be a reliable support for our customers, partners, and employees through thick and thin.

Privacy Policy

SolidBrain values the confidentiality of your information that is why our privacy policy is oriented at the client’s data safety. We protect the information provided through this website according to the following stances of SolidBrain privacy policy.

We work in a B2B mode which means that we collect the information on an aggregate level and do not collect the client data.

SolidBrain cares about the customer’s information

All information that you indicate at the site is provided directly to the SolidBrain exclusively with no third parties.

External links on SolidBrain website

Our site contains the links to the external websites that belong to the third parties and do not fall under the SolidBrain governance. Any information you provide to the external link websites would fall under their own principles of the privacy policy. SolidBrain does not claim any responsibility for the procedures related to the data handling on the independent sites.

What do we do with your information?

SolidBrain does not share any information provided by the client with the third parties. This is how SolidBrain uses your information:

  • We use the information that you provide directly to respond to your requests.
  • All information that we take from the e-mail communication, along with the clicks from the hyperlinks and subscriptions, is used to reconstruct the further communication to your preferences.
  • Such data as the one collected from the website visits per week and per month is used by our develop ers to refine the user experience.

Privacy policy revisions

The SolidBrain privacy policy is regularly revised and the company can modify it with no prior notification.

The changes turn effective as soon as they are posted on this page. Using the SolidBrain website, you indicate that you accept and understand the terms and conditions of the SolidBrain privacy policy posted at the time of use.

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