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Running an online business you might have noticed that growth is impossible without broad control tools. For sure, at the time of the very beginning, achieving sales goals didn't require additional instruments, and using the basic ones was enough. However, it's not the long-term perspective and sooner or later you are likely to feel the need to invest in the software that will supply your online store with more functions, including modern ones. SolidBrain is eager to help you!

Our retail software development services

We provide our clients with custom retail software development. It is a strong backbone of any online store. Therefore our specialists constantly develop their knowledge and follow the latest tech. Before providing our clients with the IT solution we do thorough research. That allows businesses to achieve their sales goals, eliminate manual processes, and improve overall site performance.

Analyzing the modern market you will find out that there is a great number of software types. Each has its specific advantages and features. None of them is better or worse, they are just different and should be applied to different groups of eCommerce. As soon as our team starts its developing work we will supply your store with the retail software that will cover your needs. The overall cooperation process consists of 6 steps and looks the next way.

First consultation

During our first call, we have a conversation based on today's business state and the start point. We also discuss your goals and the features you want to apply to your online store. Our team will tell you about the tools that can be implemented into the business and the instruments in demand.

The only thing you need to do is contact us.

Current situation analysis

After our first meeting, we make a thorough market analysis and delve deep into your business. Then we discover the outdated components and choose the suitable software development for retail.

Plan development

As soon as we have chosen the most appropriate software, we make a step-by-step plan with deadlines. Based on created ideas we have one more meeting with you. This time it is dedicated to planning approval.


Then comes the most challenging and simultaneously compelling stage – retail software development. Here we apply all the things that a few days ago were only typed text. This stage is complicated and involves a group of specialists that consists of backend and frontend developers, an architect, a web designer, and a project manager. However, depending on the business size and chosen software, even more team members can be involved.


As soon as all the developing processes are finished, we come to testing. We check the retail software solution and adapt it. After that, we meet with you and deliver our work. You will have time for testing and reporting to us in case something is wrong.

Further cooperation

Providing retail IT services we don't stop our cooperation once the intellectual rights are transferred to you. During the first period, we will follow your work and consult you in case of any questions. Furthermore, we will inform you of the updates and new tech tools.

Our Technologies

Retail software development is a complex thing. That's why having one ready-made technical solution for all business industries is impossible. We have several technologies that we use on a day-to-day basis, but depending on your project we can implement additional ones. In most cases we use: Python, Django, React, HTML5, Angular.
Before the second meeting, we choose the technology and discuss our choice with you, telling you the benefits that you will get.

Benefits of retail solutions development with SolidBrain

Getting an unbiased overview of all processes - SolidBrain

Inventory management

The production increase is an integral part of any business growth. And you might notice that inventory management issues can significantly reduce not only shop productivity, but also customer satisfaction. SolidBrain provides businesses with such IT services for retail that ease your inventory management by automatizing storage, new orders, and finished ones. Thanks to the applied system you will see all renewed data and will be able to speed up the delivery process.

Having a higher income - SolidBrain

Order fulfillment acceleration

The advantage of inventory management leads to more quality and faster order fulfilment. Your team will see real-time product updates and will be able to offer customers available solutions. This thing will boost clients' satisfaction as they will get instant answers to any questions.

Reaching new customers - SolidBrain

Advanced customer tracking

Quality retail software development empowers you to see a so-called customer journey and how they make their purchases. By monitoring their activity you will get the leads that influence your clients and cover their needs. Analyzing this information will allow you to ease the customer journey and show them more customized extra offers.

Reaching new customers - SolidBrain

No need for physical storefronts

SolidBrain as a modern retail software development company supplies businesses with cloud technology and hosted servers. These tools serve owners as so-called storefronts that are set up fully online including management flexibility. They greatly simplify the control stage of the items and automize the storage option.

Reaching new customers - SolidBrain

Increase brand awareness

IT services for retail businesses help you to reach your full potential by improving your customers' journey and making the shop experience as pleasurable as possible. When your web users see that you care about their time and provide them with quality products in a short time, they will stick to your solutions whenever they need to.

After being satisfied, clients are likely to recommend this shop as it is not only about selling, but also about taking care of people.

All these benefits alongside increased sales and decreased expenses work only in the case of choosing a quality retail software development services provider.

SolidBrain will supply you with all the modern tools that businesses in your industry need. We offer customized features and follow our clients after supplying them with technical solutions. So there is no need to wait! Contact us for getting smart solutions.


IT services for retail businesses are mostly provided for adapting organizations to market demands and constant changes.

Our team can help you with the following things:

  • from-scratch web page development;
  • third-party API integration;
  • cloud storage implementation;
  • UI/UX design;
  • site migration.

Our web developers will be able to provide you with the information on deadlines after analyzing your request, industry, and needs. On our second call, we will show and agree with you on a detailed plan with the deadlines. Retail software development services is a complex task in which quite a few team members take part. That's why it usually takes from 4 months and grounds on the business factors.

Retail software development will be handy for all offline businesses that want to reduce expenses and go on a large-scale market.

Solid Brain is ready to help you with the next things:

  • site development & implementation of new tools;
  • warehouse & order control ;
  • automatizing storage;
  • cloud software implementation.

Our IT services for retail businesses will be handy for both offline and online stores.

SolidBrain team specializes in the next questions :

  • inventory management software;
  • order control tools;
  • real-time warehouse observing tech;
  • site development;
  • specific retail solutions for your business, etc.

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