Automotive eCommerce Platform for the Auto Parts Industry

For a few years, the automotive industry has been in its high position in the top 15 global fast-growing industries. According to the USA statistics, 93% of people have access to at least one car and the percentage is constantly growing. Not only has the number of car owners increased, but the amount of different kinds of vehicles as well. At first sight, entering the growing industry might seem to be a winning solution. However, the high eCommerce competition rates show that you need to put in a lot of effort to succeed in this field. Your webpage is the first thing that the potential client sees looking for something. That's why you should make such an eCommerce platform that will differentiate you from other online stores that sell similar auto parts. Our specialists from SolidBrain are ready to supply your eCommerce with a powerful platform that will ensure your business growth!

Some Of the B2B automotive solution Key Features Are:

Advanced search

One of the key solutions we always pay attention to supplying businesses with a platform is a convenient search. To achieve this we stick to TecDoc integration which is considered a leading auto parts catalogue.

It enables clients to search by VIN, Reg number, and OEM. Thanks to such a comprehensive search clients will be able to find car details that have a perfect match with their vehicles. That leads to customer satisfaction and return whenever they need something for the car again.

Search by VIN | SolidBrain Search by number | SolidBrain Search by OEM | SolidBrain

Also, thanks to implementation people that come to your website will take advantage of parts selection by a car model. This idea simplifies the search even more as customers don’t have to type complex numbers. Thanks to it your shop will help clients to decrease the likelihood of ordering wrong parts and constant item change.

Search by VIN | SolidBrain

Up-to-date catalog

We also believe that qualitative B2B automotive services can be achieved thanks to supplying customers with comprehensive information about the details. That’s why our solution also lies in synchronizing with a CRM or ERP system.

Advanced search | SolidBrain

With such an integration you manage to supply customers with up-to-date information on product availability, pricing, description, etc. Consequently, you achieve better inventory management and enhanced customer service. Our developers will ensure safe and fast integration and automate the exchange between the website and databases. This synchronization works with any CRM/ERP system, covering goods, orders, and users.

Chat manager support

Even though you can supply your website with comprehensive product descriptions, it’s important to note that people crave interpersonal communication. Still, recommendations from a human seem to be more reliable than the information that the machine can provide you with. SolidBrain pays attention to making this communication process easy and convenient. That’s why in users’ accounts, we can give the possibility of quick communication with the manager. Taking advantage of this feature you can achieve a user-centric approach.

Chat manager support | SolidBrain

Team Access

People who work together with you also need to have access to comprehensive data and website insights. Here the ERP system also comes on stage. The thing is, ERP is made not only for clients but for accountants as well. When you synchronize product information, you also simplify the billing process. As a result, managers will be able to issue bills and invoices, while the head will have full access to the information.

Team Access | SolidBrain

Orders from different warehouses

If for some reason it happened so that you have several warehouses, it’s great and our auto parts eCommerce solution can ease your management process. The SolidBrain team understands that once you have several warehouses, the inventory management gets more complicated. However, the systems that we integrate allow you to see up-to-date information according to all your warehouses.

Orders from different warehouses | SolidBrain

External client API

One more vital point in the automotive B2B solution is the ability to supply customers with the external API.
With an API, customers can easily integrate your products or services into their solutions. This helps increase sales and expand your eCommerce as it makes you more accessible to other businesses. APIs allow you to automate many routine operations, such as updating prices, inventory, ordering, and invoicing. This helps reduce potential errors and makes processes more efficient.

External client API | SolidBrain

Sending prices to customers

It’s difficult to identify the exact reason why people visit the website, so adjusting your B2B automotive services might also be challenging. However, we help you to set up the mailing list.

The price newsletter gives your customers access to up-to-date information about the prices of your goods and services. This helps to create a transparent and trusted relationship with people.

Our B2B automotive solution also lies in a so-called bonus and loyalty system as we give customers not only up-to-date price data but also personalized discounts for customer groups. This makes customers more loyal to your company and increases the chances of repeat purchases and long-term relationships. Customer segmentation allows you to control the amount of discounts you give to a particular person. This can help increase the effectiveness of the sales program and avoid unnecessary losses.

Sending prices to customers | SolidBrain


One more thing that modern automotive parts eCommerce solutions should include is multicurrency. It’s more convenient and accessible when each customer can view prices and make purchases in their own currency. Consequently, this automotive eCommerce solution allows your site to attract customers from all over the world and protect your profit from the negative effects of exchange rate fluctuations.

External client API | SolidBrain

User documents

We shouldn’t also forget about the documents that the website has to contain. Receipts, return forms, reports – it is desirable to think about all this in advance. SolidBrain B2B automotive services provide your platform with a high level of data protection and ensure that document maintenance complies with privacy regulations. We also believe that thanks to this feature B2B in the automotive industry can show its professionalism and reliability.

External client API | SolidBrain

Automotive eCommerce Platform for the Auto Parts Industry

The first thing to consider when you have made up your mind to create an eCommerce platform for auto parts is the kind of features that will supply your potential customers with a better experience. 3-D modeling pictures, video content, live chat, voice search, filters, and facets – there are dozens of things that come to mind when talking about appealing websites. However, are all these things suitable for an automotive eCommerce platform? Definitely not. Different business fields require non-identical solutions and those features that have a perfect match with one branch may not be appropriate to another. That’s why before looking for a B2B automotive solution, it’s vital to have a rough idea of the things customers are looking for once they come to the automotive eCommerce platform. We’ve made a short checklist of the features that the auto parts website should contain to provide a better experience.

Trust &
						Clear navigation - SolidBrain Clear navigation

Considering the auto parts industry and the number of details that are usually ready for sale, it’s better to pay attention to navigation that should include auto parts categorization and quick search by part numbers or keywords.

Minimalistic design - SolidBrain Minimalistic design

People who visit your page often come with a direct purpose, so the website shouldn’t be cluttered with unnecessary stuff where you are advertising something.

Comprehensive information
about the detail - SolidBrain Comprehensive information about the detail

Even though customers often come with a vital vision according to the part he or she wants, supplying your product with a board description seems to be great, especially if you include the cases when a specific part can be used, its number, manufacturer, substitute parts, etc.

and multi-currency support - SolidBrain Multi-language and multi-currency support

If you’re targeting a global audience, you should make your platform available in their language and provide them with prices in their local currencies.

Cross-referencing - SolidBrain Cross-referencing

Catalogs that include cross-referencing can help both clients and businesses as customers can find interchangeable parts while eCommerce websites can get better revenue.

Our Technologies

SolidBrain's goal is to provide its clients with the best technical solutions and enable you to supply your customers with a pleasurable experience in b2b auto. Following that, after analyzing your and the customers’ needs, we choose the tools that will fit best. They include: PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Magento 2, OpenCart, WooCommerce, React, Vue JS.

Advantages of B2B to the Automotive Industry

Getting an unbiased overview of all processes - SolidBrain

New customers and the loyalty of the ones you already have

B2B in the automotive industry is far from a new feature and is used by almost every car and details provider. If you enable people to buy something conveniently from an online store, they are likely to appreciate it as they get valid benefits as well. However, talking about convenience, it doesn't mean that having a webpage will guarantee an increase in customer flow and sales. Your website can either encourage or deter people from purchasing. Sticking to professional help could be a good solution here. The experienced specialists will provide you with their deep knowledge following which you will boost the number of customers and income.

Having a higher income - SolidBrain

Analytics capability

Thanks to artificial intelligence and thorough website analysis you can follow your customers' way and understand their behavior and preferences. Providing quality B2B automotive solutions is easier when all your actions are based on statistics. Several years ago in those times when eCommerce was a miracle the target audience analysis also existed but it was held in a more complex way. But now you don't need to do that as you can rely on analytics and base your next action plan sticking to the given data.

Reaching new customers - SolidBrain

Boosted shop's efficiency

The actual shop management becomes easier thanks to having B2B automotive eCommerce. All the agreements and data saving will be done without your actual presence. That enables you to take up more important management tasks and allows the system to do the things that can be done without your intervention. Nevertheless, that will be possible only if you will put in a solid website base. In case of having a poor page, you will only add more difficulties to your work.

Reaching new customers - SolidBrain

Easier product management

No matter what B2B automotive solution your online store focuses on, it should have an easy product catalog. A profound B2B allows you to sort the products by price, size, shape, or color. To say it shortly, you will be able to organize the product conveniently without staff engagement. You can also add an item choice based on previous orders that might encourage people to make more purchases.

Reaching new customers - SolidBrain

Brand awareness

Your shop is no way similar to dozens of other online stores that sell auto details. Each automotive B2B has its uniqueness that can be shown thanks to its profound work and development. Moreover, by providing B2B automotive services you can expand the borders and grow in the international market as well. Keep up with the time and provide your clients with a pleasurable B2B auto experience together with SolidBrain! Contact us and see the benefits of your potential online store!

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