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Education Industry: Challenges Identified

With the emergence of e-learning, education has shifted to a dramatically new, digitized form. However, for most students, educational organizations, and universities, this digital world remains a mystery. Where to start from? How to design a robust educational platform? All in all, how is it possible to corner the education industry? So many questions appear at every turn, but you have nothing to worry about if you choose a reliable education software development company like SolidBrain. Backed by years of experience in the field, our experts deliver solutions that help increase learning efficiency while cutting costs. Fast. Reliable. Efficiently. Just like you have always dreamed, right?

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Education Software
Development Services We Offer

Whether you need a learning management system or a digital publishing platform, SolidBrain can come up with a state-of-the-art e-learning solution tailored to your unique needs.

Educational Platforms - SolidBrain

Educational Platforms

An educational platform is a key to thriving in one of the most promising niches of the modern world, the online environment. Yet, what is the recipe for a successful e-learning platform? Working with multiple industry-leading companies, our team managed to create an exclusive step-by-step guideline on building a platform that truly makes a difference. From a thorough discovery phase to diversified testing activities, we combine multiple software development tactics in order to reach a superior result — provide learners with an easy-to-use, functional, and aesthetically pleasing platform that brings value and satisfaction with every click.

Management & Administration Software - SolidBrain

Management & Administration Software

Staff, parents, and students — each of these parties is interested in the educational process. Still, how can you manage these interests efficiently? Thanks to management & administration software, it is easier than you think. With regard to various target audiences, we create appealing and comfortable User Interface (UI) designs for all types of users. Bearing in mind end-users pain points, we provide your educational organization with a consistent user experience (UX), shared data, and leading-edge cloud innovation.

Mobile Learning Software - SolidBrain

Mobile Learning Software

Mobile devices generate more than fifty percent of global website traffic. This tendency is of particular relevance for young learners who search for educational content online. Mobile education helps learners study at their own pace by accessing the courses on their portable devices. Through repetition and convenient pacing, learners achieve increased productivity within shorter time frames. At Solid Brain, we deliver mobile-friendly visual design, striking a harmony between aesthetics and usability. Therefore, our expert team of mobile developers & designers work towards providing seamless mobile learning experiences.

Learning Management System (LMS) - SolidBrain

Learning Management System (LMS)

Just imagine that you can easily monitor learners' performance, manage users' access, and create & deliver content within one multifunctional system. Moreover, you can provide users with video conferencing, threaded conferences, and discussion forums. All you need is only LMS. Whether you require to ease onboarding training or incorporate case study-based tutorials, SolidBrain will help you choose the most suitable LMS. As a result, you can combine consistency of training with vast cost-saving capabilities provided by LMS to enable the rapid growth of your educational organization.

Gamified Learning Solutions - SolidBrain

Gamified Learning Solutions

Learning by playing is one of the best approaches to assimilating new information. Although it would be easy to teach a child to read thanks to little blocks with the alphabet, it can be challenging to apply this game to rocket science or employee training. Fortunately, gamified learning solutions come to help. Bearing in mind interactive and collaborative educational trends, we leverage best-in-class game design strategies to deliver an immersive learning experience to users. Due to gamified learning solutions, studying turns into an absolute pleasure associated with fun and positive emotions rather than boring classes.

Types of Educational Software We Deliver

Are you an employer who wants to increase staff training efficiency? Are you an owner of an educational organization who plans to digitize students' learning experiences? In both cases, you are in the right place and at the right time.

Corporate Educational Software

How is it possible to manage employee training while also cutting organizational expenses? With business software, you can facilitate growth and boost employees' professional competence without the necessity to spend extra money on inefficient training strategies. A wide array of the world's leading companies already implement corporate educational software, so here is your chance to join the cohort of businesses that lead the digital transformation of the coming day.

Academic Software

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to ignore the rapidly evolving technological progress, especially when it comes to academic learning. It has never been a better time to implement an exclusive all-in-one solution that provides staff and learners with access to all sorts of digital assets they need via their academic activities. Academic software not only enriches teaching and learning experiences but also enhances the overall quality of education within your organization.

Self-Education Software

Have you ever heard about a hybrid form of education? In a nutshell, it combines both online and offline learning tools and methods. While the hybrid teaching method has already proved to be highly efficient, self-education software can become a stable foundation for implementing hybrid education in your school or university. From language learning applications to systems for school management, self-education software combines a multitude of features aimed at managing learning processes independently.

Education Software Development: How It Works?

There are only several steps between you and your cutting-edge educational software. There is no doubt that the path to your success has never been more pleasant.


The First Touch Matters

At the beginning of our development path, we always define the requirements and obligations of both parties. Hence, well-established responsibilities help us keep our clients satisfied and avoid inconsistencies after the product deployment.


Best Option Identified

Perceiving your pain points as a direction for the development, we offer a one-of-a-kind solution that solves your specific problem. Then, we demonstrate our idea to the client and agree on how to approach certain issues in the best way possible.


Project Estimation

With a clear vision of our further way, we predict the approximate costs and time frames. Therefore, our customers can manage their budget and deadline expectations with regard to our capabilities.


UI/UX Design

The look and feel of your learning solution are pivotal as they define whether you will succeed in addressing your primary objective or not. Through interactive prototyping and efficient design techniques, we deliver designs that definitely fulfill your goals.


Development Phase

Here comes the most complex yet most supernatural step — coding. In the hands of our skilled developers, designs transform into functional elements that will lead your users through the engaging and interactive online environment.


Testing Activities

We test, test, and test again in order to ensure everything works as expected. If something goes wrong, we leverage the mesh of knowledge and creativity to solve this problem as soon as possible.


Value Delivered

Last but not least, it is time to introduce your incredible solution to the world. Impress existing learners, engage a new audience, deliver more value to your customers, and promote digital transformation within your organization. With our state-of-the-art solutions for the education industry, learning brings only positive impressions.

Why Us?

Here are 5 reasons why partnering with our education software development company is always a great idea.


Client-Focused Approach

What is it like to manage your business/educational organization? This question leads us to the core of your business challenge and provides us with a better understanding of what we should develop and why.


Through the Eyes of a Learner

There are thousands of software solutions, but not all of them are truly well-performing. To avoid any issues, we look at the problem through the eyes of a learner so that we can deliver easy-to-use and easy-to-understand designs.


Boosting Your Growth

Scalability is a matter of the 21st-century world. With this crucial understanding in mind, we design scalable solutions that can be easily adapted to the growing demands of your business/organization.


Your Demands — Our Rules

Whether you have specific budget limitations or any other unique needs, we always treat them with respect and understanding by adjusting our education software development services to your business requirements.


Cost-Efficiency Is a Must

Value for money is an essential point that should always be considered. For this reason, we deliver on-budget solutions utilizing the appropriate tech stack, yet not at the expense of quality.

Apart from specializing in Education Software Development Services, we possess the capability to assist you in an array of other services. Our expertise extends to providing top-notch eCommerce Website Development Services, empowering businesses to create highly functional online platforms that deliver exceptional customer experiences. Additionally, we excel in Automotive Software Development Services, crafting innovative software solutions tailored specifically to the unique requirements of the automotive industry, driving operational efficiency and fostering a culture of continuous innovation.

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B2B eCommerce solution for Auto Standard Group

B2B eCommerce solution for Auto Standard Group | SolidBrain
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