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The automotive industry stands out for its great utilization and handling of data. The TecDoc catalog is the industry benchmark in product management within this data-oriented landscape.
The TecDoc database, specifically the TecDoc Catalogue by TecAlliance, serves as a primary search engine for automotive components and cars. It utilizes both internationally accepted and country-specific identification techniques to provide accurate results. It is no coincidence that TecDoc online information product is called "Google for the Aftermarket" - the utmost completeness of data characterizes it.

Tecdoc Parts Integration

The specialists have done enormous work to bring together hundreds of thousands of spare parts suitable for the automotive aftermarket for cars and trucks. It includes developing and implementing numerous standards (universal approaches) for article numbers, product families, and approaches for determining the interchangeability of components. The result is so satisfying that it is recommended by the European Union of Automobile Parts Suppliers (CLEPA) as universal.

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Benefits of Tecdoc Parts Integration

The TecDoc online Web catalog boasts a massive selection of spare parts from over 700 of the world's top car parts manufacturers, offering over 7 million car parts, 60,000 passenger vehicles, and 20,000 commercial vehicles. This catalog is constantly growing and expanding to include new manufacturers. With detailed information on spare parts groups, replacement time, and compatibility with different vehicle types and conditions, the Tecdoc parts catalog is a valuable resource for anyone needing car parts. Each part also includes an accompanying image, making identification easy and minimizing the risk of error.
The advantages of the service are obvious. However, let's discuss the benefits of Tecdoc website integration in more detail.


Many consumers overlook that auto parts and accessories are designed to fit many vehicles. They frequently conduct searches based solely on brand, unaware that a vast selection of aftermarket auto parts and accessories can perfectly fit their vehicle. TecDoc integration into your system provides access to detailed and up-to-date fitment data, including specific vehicle makes, models, and production years, ensuring the accuracy of compatibility information. Overall, fitment compatibility is vital in auto parts sales to ensure customer satisfaction, reduce returns and complaints, protect brand reputation, seize sales opportunities, and maintain a competitive advantage in the market.

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Search By VIN

There may be instances where people need to verify a car's VIN as various data repositories rely on it to keep track of the vehicle's background. If they're considering purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, they can conduct a VIN search to acquire its history report and access information about past owners, collisions, and maintenance. Additionally, it is possible to determine if the automaker issued a recall for the car and whether it was serviced accordingly. Lastly, law enforcement agencies run a VIN check to detect stolen cars.
A VIN number check is performed by inputting the car's 17-character VIN code in the designated field. It provides an immediate report showcasing information about its manufacturer, brand, make and model, body style, engine capacity, assembly plant, and year of production. The data is sourced from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which gathers it from manufacturers and submits it to NHTSA for public use.

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Search By Reg number

The TecDoc Parts Catalog enables users to search for vehicles using country-specific identification numbers such as license plates or the international standard VIN. Additionally, a vehicle inquiry can provide information on the number of registered owners who have possessed the vehicle.

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Search By OEM

The acronym OEM represents Original Equipment Manufacturers, which refers to the entities responsible for producing the vehicles. OEM components are procured from manufacturers supplying the original vehicle parts. Conversely, aftermarket parts are produced by manufacturers who are not affiliated with the original manufacturers. Every car part is assigned a unique part number. When we talk about OEM, we refer to a product designed and manufactured exclusively for the original equipment. On the other hand, aftermarket products are those manufactured by other companies and used by consumers as substitutes.

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Cross-Reference Search

In the parts data industry, there is a widely used technique known as cross-referencing, which involves finding the best reference by searching for OEM part numbers or other manufacturers' part numbers or even searching based on specific bearing dimensions. This technique links two parts that should be mostly the same and is sometimes referred to as interchangeable part numbers or equivalent part numbers. One of the benefits of Tecdoc parts cross-referencing is the ability to substitute sell. With knowledge of additional equivalent fitting parts, a customer searching for a particular branded part may be offered an equivalent part from a separate brand. Tecdoc website integration allows for even more powerful online process, where substitute selling can be automated and integrated into tools such as vehicle searches and part filtering systems.

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Informative Product Page

Access a comprehensive database from A to Z containing detailed product information, links to manufacturers' vehicles, and product videos. The Tecdoc parts database includes general product information, images, documents, linked vehicles, and OE information, all sourced from the extensive TecDoc for autoparts Catalogue. This catalog is the international standard in the independent automotive aftermarket, featuring over 700 brands.

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Tecdoc for Autoparts features

The catalog solutions based on TecDoc integration can help businesses to increase their parts sales. The automotive aftermarket heavily relies on data, and the TecDoc online catalog is the industry standard for product management in this data-driven environment.

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Additional benefits

Among customer-recognized strengths of Tecdoc for autoparts are:
  • A very large (millions of items) selection of non-original parts;
  • The possibility of quick and correct selection of alternatives according to the unique number of the original part;
  • Selection of current offers for servicing of a specific vehicle (or its component) "as a set";
  • Provision of additional information on maintenance, etc.;
  • The resource's multilingual nature makes it easy for customers from different countries.
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CRM/ERP Synchronization

Delivering exceptional customer experiences at every stage of the customer journey is now a must-have rather than a nice-to-have. Enhancing each customer touchpoint or interaction elevates the chances of customer contentment. However, businesses face difficulties maintaining their customers' happiness when they lack access to consolidated data. Tecdoc integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems is pivotal in harmonizing seamless customer journeys.

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Filters (Streamline operations)

Large-scale and multi-level filtering help the users find the necessary information, details, and information about details as quickly as possible.

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Discount & bundles

Collect all the discounts, special offers, and best deals in one place.

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Shipping Calculation

Tecdoc integration enables effortlessly determining the precise delivery charges to the preferred location. This feature allows one to ascertain the exact expenses related to auto parts delivery, evaluate the profitability of placing an order inclusive of delivery cost, and determine the final amount one must pay.

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Smooth Payments

TecDoc website integration along with payment systems simplifies bill budgeting by enabling even payments throughout the year through more frequent, smaller payments on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

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