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Provided Service:
  • Visual Conceptt
  • Product Concept
  • Prototypes
  • Architecture
From $9100
Provided Service:
  • Visual Concept
  • Product Conceptt
  • Prototypes
  • Architecture
  • Landing Page
  • Web Back-End Basic
  • Front-End Platformc
From $16500
Provided Service:
  • Visual Concept
  • Product Concept
  • Prototypes
  • Architecture
  • Landing Page
  • Web Back-End Basic
  • Front-End Platform
  • asic Business Logic
From $22000
Dedicated Team
Provided Service:
  • CV Reseaching
  • Team Interviewing
  • Team Setup
  • Full management over the team
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Introduction Meeting

  • Present services of our company;
  • Learn more about the main value of your product and the goal of your team.


  • Project strategy and objectives;


  • Comparative evaluation;
  • Technological restrictions;
  • Industry standards and trends.

Assesment & Requirements Elicitation

  • Usage statistics evaluation;
  • User observation and testing;
  • Workflow analysis;
  • Requirements elicitation;
  • Heuristic evaluation;
  • KPI definition;
  • Persona & Use case building;
  • Stakeholders needs and goals.

Interaction Design

  • Process and flow diagrams;
  • Wireframing;
  • Interactive prototypes.

Visual Design

  • Design guidelines;
  • Mock-ups;
  • UI Kit.

Preparations for Development

  • Requirements specification;
  • Roadmap planning;
  • Time/budget estimations.

Why SolidBrain?


Trustworthiness is an integral part of a successful partnership. Thus, we always fulfil our promises. Our team will deliver your project on time without unexpected delays and additional rates. We will stick to your milestones, requirements specification, and personal desires.


In case you work with SolidBrain, you can be sure that you’ll get what you pay for. We will discuss your project’s details to make sure that you’ll be pleased with the delivered work. Plus, our experts will use only cost-efficient solutions to implement your ideas and launch a successful online business.

Constant Improvement

We always try to reach the best results. Our specialists constantly upgrade their professional skills and learn new technologies. The IT industry changes every day, and we follow its trends to be among the leaders.

Enthusiastic Spirit

We are professional IT enthusiasts open to all your desires. In case you are not sure whether someone can implement your idea, just contact our customer support services. We adore facing challenging tasks and dealing with them. Opt for SolidBrain and all your dreams will come true!


Book a meeting to discuss all questions you have with our experts and help you to make decision about building your application prototype.

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