CRM Platform for Motor oil manufacturing company

EVO Lubricants GmbH is a manufacturer of lubricating materials, which has been providing its products on the European market for over a decade. Being one of the leading companies in the lubricating materials manufacturing, they rapidly grow and expand their production capacity.

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SolidBrain provides a customer-focused service that has greatly impacted our business. They always check the quality of deliverables and make sure that productivity levels are high. We were impressed with their responsiveness and development transparency, as well as the results we obtained.”

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About project

Platform Web
Country Europe
Industry Management
Project duration 16 months
Team size 13 members
Completed 2022

Challenges and Objectives

EVO Lubricants has multiple industrial sites with large staff supporting their business. For this reason, our client wanted an effective CRM system to improve the inner processes and boost the sales level.


EVO needed a platform for building a quick and steady connection with their customers, minimizing logistics costs, and enhancing the shipment process. The SolidBrain web developers worked on a CRM system that met the client's requirements and ensured positive user experience.


We generated features that maintain effective management of the consolidated client database. The SolidBrain team made sure that EVO’s managers wouldn’t require any special knowledge to navigate through and apply the system. 


 We delivered the following features:


  • Authentication — our developers made a system secure by applying a permission structure so that any confidential data could be accessed by authorized employees.
  • User management — we created a convenient way to control user information and access.
  • List management — the SolidBrain web developers took on data collection and user activity analysis to review whether their information was credible.
  • Productivity management — the platform evaluates the employees’ productivity, which helps to boost sales.
  • Team processes — our engineers made sure that team management using the CRM was practical and easy.
  • Mobile optimization — we built a user-friendly UI for the users who access the system from their mobiles.
  • Dashboards and accountability — the SolidBrain team designed handy dashboards that show any data in an accessible form.
Challenges and Objectives | SolidBrain


The SolidBrain digital experiences team was using Laravel and Vue.js to develop an effective CRM system able to collect user data and help our client control the sales and the company’s business processes. The system performs steadily and ensures a positive user experience. EVO’s employees can effortlessly access information about users and manage their orders. 


The SolidBrain team designed a practical dashboard that provides the managers with necessary information in a clear form. They can opt for a data demonstration form as well as the information they want to review. We also built the APIs to enable integration of the data received from third-party apps and systems. 


Moreover, the SolidBrain developers ensured the CRM’s security to protect the users' and employees' data. Additionally, the system assists EVO managers in controlling their employees’ access levels.


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Business outcome

With the CRM system of our development, EVO gained flexibility in controlling its inner business processes. Their employees employ CRM for controlling user data and analyzing sales levels. 

We continue our cooperation with the client and provide support for the CRM system. The SolidBrain team also implements new features and optimizes the existing ones. We regularly contribute improvements to the project, fix bugs, and upgrade the system to new versions. Our developers also create and support the apps for document management.

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The value we delivered for EVO:

  • An easy-to-use system allowing the employees to establish effective communication with the users even while using it from a smartphone.
  • Our feature of data collection and user activity analysis gets only verified users on board, winning time for EVO to find prospective clients.
  • We ensured the system’s security so that only the employees with a certain access level were able to check specific data.
  • The dashboards we developed present the information in a most convenient way.

Technology used

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