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As people are met by their clothes, the online store is judged by the website. In today's hustle and bustle, online buyers are seeking quick solutions and if the website can't offer them, potential customers just go to another web page with a more user-friendly approach. Overall, nowadays selling valuable and high-quality products is not enough, as people also take into consideration such factors as customer support, optional payment methods, platform, landing page, and many more. To keep pace with the time and people's needs, all thriving online shops audit their websites as they understand the relation between doing it and flourishing. It's generally advisable to come to such services twice per year. During the website audit, specialists go deep into the examination of the SEO factors, security, the amount of time people stay on the website, and how they make decisions. As a result of a thorough analysis, you will get to know whether your webpage is optimized to achieve your business goals and whether it increases or decreases web conversion.

Reliable eCommerce Website Audit Services

Some eCommerce owners make a website audit themselves, as they think that it’s quite similar to SWOT analysis. However, no matter how experienced you are, it is advisable to know the thoughts of people who are specialized in web performance and can supply you with the appropriate eCommerce solutions. For this, you need to cooperate with reliable specialists who will provide you with a professional in-depth examination. In case of cooperation with SolidBrain, benefits won’t take long and will allow you to:

See yourself in the customer’s shoes and understand their behavior

Website audit allows you to keep your eye on the customer's track. Thanks to that you'll get to know where people spend the most time and determine why they do so: because of interest or confusion. You will see what tools are working and easing the web experience and on the contrary the ones that should be changed or renewed.

Identify clear goals

After testing the overall site performance and optimization, you will get to know other person's views of the digital processes. This can be useful as sometimes seeing new opportunities is quite difficult when you are busy running your business, transferring the products, and communicating with your suppliers. That's why thanks to a thorough analysis, specialists will help you identify clear goals without exaggeration or understatement. Thanks to the right focus alignment you will have a clear view of where you are heading and know for sure what steps should be taken.

Solve the unseen web problems and prevent the new ones

Your website constantly needs to renew some basic things because they may seem inconvenient for potential clients. As this examination is performed by an unprejudiced group of people, you will be supplied with objective advice on problem-solving, understanding what troubles may arise and how to perform in every complex situation.

Attract new customers and get more income

Simultaneously with solving even small web problems, you will notice how more people choose your website when they need to buy something. The visitors will see that you have a modern web approach and a clear site, which will help them to navigate. As a result it will gain customer’s loyalty.

During the website audit, specialists take into account and help you with the following things:

Main page

The first thing the person sees when he or she comes to the website is the home page. Our specialists will help you to make it clear and simple for people and allow them to find the necessary information in a few minutes without being overwhelmed.

Site search system

The next thing that people do after seeing your website, is looking for the needed piece of information. For doing it the visitor goes to the site search and here everything from the search placement to its visibility is the key. Unfortunately, a lot of online stores consider only the computer search system, but you should also care about people who make purchases online using their phone. Website audit will allow you to understand what devices people use and how they navigate. SolidBrain specialists will advise you on how you can get the best from the search system tool and make it handy for mobile devices.

Product page

Product category design and the information given there should be optimized and structured. The listing page has to be crafted in a way of increasing engagement and interest in as many items as possible. eCommerce website audit services in SolidBrain will provide your product page with the recommended tools that will lead customers to purchase and increase conversations.

Checkout process

Do you think that if the customer has added the product to the cart, it ensures buying the thing? Unfortunately, no. From our eCommerce audit experience, we have found that nearly 25% of customers who add the product to the cart, don't finish the buying process. We will help you to make the checkout process easy and clear. Overall, after the deep eCommerce website audit, SolidBrain will supply you with the actions that are needed to be taken to improve your store. Just contact us and get to know how to boost your web sales!


During the eCommerce website audit, specialists make a deep website examination and analyze the way customers perceive your website, their behavior, and how they purchase. It examines such things as the main page, the site search system, the product page, and the checkout processes. After analyzing everything, specialists give you feedback according to your webpage performance and advise you on the things that should be done and improved to achieve your eCommerce goals.

Audit services are worth investing in as they will provide your business with a deep analysis that will show what web problems your online store may have. After the site audit, you will also get advice on modern tools that will make your shop more pleasurable for customers. Investing in an eCommerce website audit will allow you to attract customers and bring you more income.

Depending on the website and whether it is small or large our specialists will provide you with the audit result and recommendations in the next 7-10 days.

This feature involves hiring web specialists to examine all web processes on your web store. It's a diagnostic that should be done 2-4 times a year to make your website user-friendly and enhance its usability.

One of the biggest eCommerce audit advantages is that you will finally know your customer's behavior and the overall site performance. Keeping this in mind, you can improve the visitor's web experience and optimize your online store. After using the help of specialists most businesses mark the following things that they get:

  • Understanding customers' behavior and how they purchase;
  • Identifying clear goals and steps that should be taken towards them;
  • Solving unseen web problems and preventing new ones;
  • Attracting new customers and getting more income.

Considering all the advantages, thanks to investing into a digital audit for eCommerce your website will become user-friendly and boost your conversions. Take a look at the businesses that have already used our services and nowadays supply their visitors with a pleasurable shopping experience. Contact us and see how you can improve your website!

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