eCommerce Strategy Consulting Services

When it comes to purchasing, clients are constantly becoming more demanding and picky. That's why modern businesses need to adapt to changes, generate creative solutions, and implement them. For doing so you need to have a strategic approach that is an irreplaceable part of online store growth. If you are looking for modern business strategy consulting services that will ensure your development and success on online platforms, SolidBrain is always there to support you. Our eCommerce strategy consultants are ready to provide you with an effective plan. Thanks to this, achieving selling goals will become easier and more pleasurable.

Our eCommerce Strategy Consulting Services

At SolidBrain we supply our clients with a customized approach that includes individual goal-setting, in-depth analytic processes, and problem-solving. If you are still struggling with the question of what the eCommerce strategy is and whether you should take a consultation, we can assure you that this investment will double your business profit. Our eCommerce strategy consulting services include the next ones:

Strategic planning

During the first stage of our consulting, we meet with the business representative and discuss such points as the modern market, competitors, your personal business goals, and budget. Considering all these factors our consultants make a strategic plan. It will include a step-by-step scheme of how and within what timelines your online store can achieve its goals.The strategic plan that you will get from our team will consist from:

  • Your company's vision & mission;
  • SMART goals that we will set together;
  • A step-by-step action plan with tactics you need to apply to achieve your goals.

When you have such a plan it won't only identify the necessary actions but will be a handy manual that you can share with your coworkers to have the same vision and stick to it.

Implementation assistance

Creating an effective eCommerce strategy plan is only the first step on which future actions will be based. The most important thing is how you will apply all these steps. In the implementation stage, our team will help you to choose a proper online platform, and fill it with the products. During this process, SolidBrain will estimate your target audience and will base all implementation decisions on it.

Marketing services

When the site is set up the next thing that you need to do is provide your store with ongoing traffic. How can you do so? Here a detailed marketing plan comes on stage. Don't worry if you have never crafted one yourself. SolidBrain is always there for you.

We will provide your store with eCommerce marketing consulting that includes looking deep into the needs of your current customers and deciding how you can attract more of them.

After that, the sales strategy consultant will be able to create a powerful marketing plan that will help to brand your business and choose the best-promoting options.

Analytics System

We at SolidBrain care about your business and want you to achieve top results and be a market leader. That's why during our cooperation process we won't just supply you with a strategy plan, but will also keep track of your results and whether our strategic planning works. Our team will do regular reports based on the online store performance. Having these reports you will have a clear vision of whether you are moving in the right direction.

Our eCommerce Strategy Consulting Process

The whole cooperation procedure isn't overcomplicated and is done in five steps:


First meeting

You contact us and discuss the details that are needed for the first online meeting. During it, we will talk about your eCommerce goals and adjust them to the SMART strategy.


In-depth market research

Planning an eCommerce strategy needs in-depth market research that we will do after our first meeting. Following it you will get to know what is happening in the modern market, the needs that potential clients have, and how your online store can cover those needs. Doing this type of analysis will also provide a wide range of opportunities that your eCommerce can use to succeed.


Strategy development

After examining everything we can come to the development of a customized strategy according to your SMART goals and budget. It will give you a proper outline, clarity, and focus which you and your team need to keep in mind while doing the work.


Planning realization

Don't be afraid that after getting a detailed plan you will be left alone with it. The SolidBrain team will support you during your journey. When it comes to planning realization, we will provide you with a platform that will meet your expectations and has customer-friendly tools. Moreover, we will keep an eye on your website and help you to adjust it to your target audience which will in the future bring you high conversions.


Adjusting and reporting

Meanwhile the implementation of the strategic plan, we will see the tools that work and the ones that need adjustment. As you will get constant reports on the eCommerce performance, it will be possible to see even the small results of your work and improve tiny problems that could grow into big ones without timely intervention.

Our Technologies

At SolidBrain we use modern eCommerce tools that help businesses achieve the desired results. Depending on your goals and requirements we will choose instruments that will meet your expectations. During our cooperation process, we use such technologies as:

Benefits of eCommerce Strategy Consulting

The eCommerce strategy plan is the basis for every online store. Without it, building a strong eCommerce brand will be much more complicated and time-consuming. Thanks to investing in SolidBrain eCommerce strategy consulting services you will get the following advantages:

Getting an unbiased overview of all processes - SolidBrain

Your online store will stand out from the other ones

As we provide you with customized strategic and marketing plans, alongside achieving selling goals we will help you to make your online store unique. Even if you offer the same goods as many other shops, it's still possible to find something distinctive and we will assist you on your way.

Having a higher income - SolidBrain

Establish long-term customer relation

Time is the most precious thing for any modern consumer. If your clients see that you take care of it by providing a user-friendly website and good stuff, they will come to your store whenever they need to buy something.

Reaching new customers - SolidBrain

Attract new customers

Alongside creating a good customer experience, the word-of-mouth reputation comes on stage. The pleased clients will tell their friends about your online store, how convenient it is and here are the new customers.

Reaching new customers - SolidBrain

Increase your sales

As a result of all benefits along with customer growth, your profit will also increase. Moreover, having an effective eCommerce strategy plan will save you from mistakes and problems on your way that will also cost money.

Why Choose SolidBrain for eCommerce Strategy Consulting?

SolidBrain has been providing businesses with high-quality services for 8 years. During this time we have helped more than 40 international and local online projects which you can see in our case study portfolio. We care about the businesses we consult and supply them with modern tools. Just contact us and put a solid planning ground for your online store with SolidBrain!

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