ERP System for an automotive retail company

MetGarant is an official distributor of ELF motor oil, the #1 engine formula in Ukraine. The company firmly establishes ELF in the public consciousness across many markets. Thanks to long-term experience in the automotive and retail industries, the brand knows how to capture the audience's attention with profitable high-tech products. As a one-of-a-kind supplier of a legendary motor oil trademark, MetGarant is dedicated to excellence, prestige, and innovative technologies. Moreover, the company established strong partnerships with such major car manufacturers as Renault, Dacia, Nissan, and Datsun.

"We are extremely satisfied with the services and deliverables provided by SolidBrain. They came up with a functional ERP system within the agreed deadline. If you are looking for a transparent, communicative, collaborative, and easygoing provider, SolidBrain will be a perfect choice."

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About project

Platform Web
Country Europe
Industry eCommerce
Project duration 12 months
Team size 8 members
Completed 2017

Challenges and Objectives

It may be challenging to manage inner processes transparently and efficiently, especially when it comes to a company with many workers. Unfortunately, MetGarant experienced the same problem. Furthermore, the company's rapid growth would not be possible without a robust CRM system intended to scale a wide variety of functional and operational processes. 


In addition to all of the above, MetGarant had the following objectives: establishing a better connection with the customers, lowering logistics costs, and improving the delivery process.


Fortunately, SolidBrain introduced an all-in-one concept to meet their diversified needs. When all points of the SLA were agreed upon with the client, we could proceed with developing the ERP system.

Challenges and Objectives | SolidBrain


To start with, our team was requested to develop a 24/7 available cloud CRM system that fulfills diversified functions such as user authentication, user management, system security and permissions, productivity management, diversified team processes, and mobile optimization. Thus, our skilled developers integrated all these features to guarantee the right administration of the consolidated client database while ensuring the great performance of the system itself. To complete this solution, we used PHP and various powerful frameworks like Vue.js or Laravel, to mention just a few. Last but not least, SolidBrain also delivered the option of integrating the data received from third-party apps and systems.

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Business outcome

At SolidBrain, we not only managed to create a multifunctional CRM system but also ensured that MetGarant's employees would be able to utilize it without any complications or exceptional knowledge. 

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The value we delivered for MetGarant:

  • SolidBrain provides ongoing maintenance and support services by regularly improving the project, fixing bugs, and upgrading it to new versions.
  • With the functional CRM system, MetGarant can efficiently manage business performance and establish a smooth & efficient workflow.
  • Thanks to the ERP solution developed by SolidBrain, we managed to integrate the client's vision and mission into the company's strategy.
  • We also develop and support apps for document management.

Technology used

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