B2B eCommerce platform for manufacturer of lubricating materials

VipOil is a brand of automotive lubricants manufactured in Ukraine, using modern technologies that meet the stringent requirements of international standards. The VipOil product line is constantly expanding to meet the needs of the Ukrainian market for high-quality and inexpensive lubricants.

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“The SolidBrain team put VipOil on a progressive path by creating an effective eCommerce system allowing our employees to optimize inner business processes. They foster seamless project workflow by conducting regular meetings and adjusting to feedback at every stage of the project.”

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About project

Platform Web
Country Europe
Industry eCommerce
Project duration 12 months
Team size 8 members
Completed 2018

Challenges and Objectives

A broad spectrum of VipOil products contains oils produced in accordance with API requirements and specifications of chief car manufacturers, including motor oils, transmission oils, oils for small-scale machines, hydraulic oils, energy oils, lubricants, technical liquids, and brake fluids. To simplify the ordering process for the clients, they called for the SolidBrain engineers to enhance their database system. 


Additionally, we improved the ordering process to enhance the user experience. When we've done all the work, VipOil's customers can apply efficient search engines that accelerate product search. The SolidBrain developers also build a feature for communication with the users so that VipOil’s workers could have a steady connection with the customers, which is important for business growth. With our help, the client received:


  • Large-scale and regularly operating database keeping thousands of their products
  • A trustworthy and precise search system with strong search engines
  • An intelligible platform for communication with users
Challenges and Objectives | SolidBrain


The SolidBrain team developed an eCommerce platform with the main focus on VipOil's business growth in a smooth way. We applied PHP and Vue.js to reach that goal. Our engineers worked on a stably-functioning search system using Elasticsearch. The system provides data security so that the client can be sure in storing important information on the website. The system can also connect to the cloud. Elasticsearch allows constant updating so VipOil can employ cutting-edge tools and improve user experience.


Our web development team created a convenient UI for the VipOil workers. Therefore, they can get their job done effortlessly by using an intuitive interface with an easy-to-understand dashboard. On top of that, we made the database more capacious with the further ability to expand. 

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Business outcome

With our help, VipOil received a smooth-functioning eCommerce platform allowing them to increase their sales and boost their business growth. The website ensures reliable communication with the users. They can easily place orders on the website and get any support from VipOil’s employees. The SolidBrain team connected the platform to the database and worked on its security and capacity. Also, we made the product search process smoother and easier.

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The value we delivered for VipOil:

  • A convenient and fast ordering process was achieved by means of our effective search engines.
  • Our platform allows for stable and swift communication with clients, winning their trust.
  • The database we created was designed for future company growth so its capacity didn’t impede this process.

Technology used

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