COVID-19 UPDATE: At this time of uncertainty, we should act decisively. Preserving the continuity of our business while ensuring safety of our employees and helping our country to withstand the challenges of the pandemic is our top priority. Therefore, we will be working remotely until the situation is stabilized. All our business processes and workflows are prepared for remote work. Our employees are well equipped with the best practices and tools that help to remain productive and healthy during the period of isolation. With a diverse portfolio and sufficient emergency funds, SolidBrain is built on the principles of antifragility and stability. We will be a reliable support for our customers, partners, and employees through thick and thin.
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SolidBrain Joins the Danish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce | SolidBrain
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SolidBrain Joins the Danish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce

A prospective Ukrainian IT company SolidBrain has become a member of the newly established Danish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce. The main aim of this organization is the creation and development of new business opportunities. The Chamber also encourages cooperation between two countries as well as offers professional consulting and legal services. 


SolidBrain shares the values of the UADKCC and aims to contribute to the development of business relationships between Ukraine and Denmark. Our responsible professionals are ready to provide their hands-on experience to support the organization and its members.


We have deep expertise in the development of innovative eCommerce solutions. SolidBrain offers its services to partners from the whole world, including Scandinavian countries. Our experts have already provided their support to leading European companies such as E&V ENERGY d.o.o, BidX GmbH, Slowianka Sp. z.o.o, Sander's Scandinavia, Stumpel, Mikopet, Spin Screed Europe ApS, Creative Pillow and others.


SolidBrain always ensures a professional full-cycle development process necessary for the successful launch and maintenance of different online projects. Besides, we’d like to admit that we have deep knowledge and hands-on experience in the development of top-quality online shops, platforms, and marketplaces. Our experts focus on each stage of the development process to successfully deliver digital products.


The SolidBrain team believes that our hands-on experience and knowledge of both Ukrainian and Scandinavian e-commerce markets will stand the UADKCC and its members in good stead. We are ready to support the development of new and prospective industries in these countries as well as contribute to the improvement of their IT spheres.

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