COVID-19 UPDATE: At this time of uncertainty, we should act decisively. Preserving the continuity of our business while ensuring safety of our employees and helping our country to withstand the challenges of the pandemic is our top priority. Therefore, we will be working remotely until the situation is stabilized. All our business processes and workflows are prepared for remote work. Our employees are well equipped with the best practices and tools that help to remain productive and healthy during the period of isolation. With a diverse portfolio and sufficient emergency funds, SolidBrain is built on the principles of antifragility and stability. We will be a reliable support for our customers, partners, and employees through thick and thin.

Our Portfolio

SolidBrain is always ready to face challenges and overcome any problems to reach our clients’ goals. We offer the best experts to ensure the top-quality delivery of your project. You are welcome to check out our Portfolio to get acquitted with the professionalism and creativity of our specialists.

EximCrop | SolidBrain

The improvement of this global B2B marketplace was a real challenge for our team. We managed to reach the set goals by the development of a complex payment system and simplification of document flow. In addition, we improved the customer experience by the creation of a friendly UI.

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GPL | SolidBrain

SolidBrain developed a platform for the optimization of internal processes and increase of the sales level. Our team ensured the implementation of uninterruptible CI/CD integration, improved the connection methods, and modified the shipping handling.

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TridentTravel | SolidBrain

We provided TridentTravel with an attractive website designed with the advanced search function, filters, online booking system, and payment gateway. Due to it, the visitors got the possibility to select the best tour to meet their desires and budget.

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ASG | SolidBrain

SolidBrain experts built a high-quality website for the Ukrainian leader in the sales of automotive products. It features an advanced online ordering system, contact details, a board with information about available vacancies, and the latest industry news.

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Stumpel | SolidBrain

Stumpel was founded in 1880 in Hoorn, Netherlands. This is a family business run by the fourth generation. At the same time, the younger family representatives also work for a company. Stumpel mainly focuses on the distribution of books and stationery.

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EVO Lubricants GmbH | SolidBrain
EVO Lubricants GmbH

EVO Lubricants GmbH is a successful manufacturer of lubricating materials, which has been providing its services on the European market for over a decade.

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Smart Parts | SolidBrain
Smart Parts

Smart Parts is a new company, which rapidly grows in the automotive industry due to the balanced company’s policy related to the cooperation with direct manufacturers of the world-known brands.

Discover more | SolidBrain is a successful Japanese manufacturer of lubricating materials, which has been providing its services on the European market for over a decade. Bi-power is one of the leading companies in the production of lubricating materials.

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